Hi everybody,

ESN BelUPgrade has prepared for you an evening for Bowling Bash! :)

We are gathering at the Republic Square, just by the Street (metal) Clock at 4:00 pm. Bowling club is located in Zemun and we will go there by bus, so make sure that you bring your Bus plus cards. If you can not manage to meet with us at the Republic Square, you are very welcome at Bowling club "Žabac" in Gradski park street No.2.
Bowling starts at 5:00 pm and runs until 7:00 pm. 

After spending time at the bowling alley, we are going to Rakia Bar at 8:00 pm. Rakia Bar is located in the center of Belgrade, at Dobračina street No.5.

If you are comming, please send us confirmation e-mail to: office.belupgrade@esnserbia.rs

See you at the bowling alley where we'll be able to measure our competitive abilities and have a lot of fun! ;)

4.00 pm
Meeting Point: 
Republic Square
  • Everyone is invited.