Hello everyone, we are very excited to organize this event for your weekend in Belgrade!

What we planned is:

02.04. (Saturday)

- CITY TOUR, led by our volunteers and foreign students who have been in Belgrade for a long time (14:30h, meeting point - Republic Square)

- Visit to the museum of Nikola Tesla, who was one of the most famous world's scientists, with a guided tour in English (17h, price: 300 RSD, meeting point 16:15h, Republic Square)

- in the evening: party in some of the Belgrade's most famous clubs - PARTY: Umbrella party. Meeting point for it will be at Republic square at 22:15

03.04. (Sunday)

-CITY TOUR: ZEMUN- as you may know, Belgrade is a megalopolis, composed of 3 cities which function as one: Belgrade, New Belgrade and Zemun. Zemun was a part of Austro-Hungarian Empire for a very long time, so its architecture and spirit have a charm different from the one of Belgrade, as you will see (meeting point: the Republic Square, 14h)

-In the evening: KAFANA LIMUN ZUT (for 500 RSD girls can drink all local drinks for a whole night; guys can do the same for 1200, or drink as much as they want withut this promotion), meeting point @the Republic Square, 20:45h

We hope you will enjoy your stay! :)

02/04/2016 to 03/04/2016