Boys and girls,
are you ready for ESN BelUPgrade WELCOME WEEK?! :D

The PLAN is:

DAY 1.
12.03.2014.     ~ Sightseeing + Triangle ~
This is great opportunity to see the most beautiful streets, buildings, monuments, and get insight into their historical significanced! You’ll be able to find out more about Belgrade – the city where you will spend incoming months.
An experienced guide will take the tour.
Don't miss this chanse! ;)
After city tour, we are going to ESN BelUPgrade every Wednesday meeting point – café bar “Trinagle”. 

More details about 1st day:

DAY 2.
13.03.2014.      ~ Traditional dinner + Pub Crawl ~
Skadarlija is very popular place among people in Serbia, visitors and natives. It's not only place where you can eat traditional Serbian food and drink, but also Serbian centre of street art. 

More details about 2nd day:

DAY 3.
14.03.2014.      ~ International day + Bowling ~
Let's find out the most interesting things about diffrent countries all together! The goal of this event is to give you an opportunity to present your homeland and get to know more about others countries.

After international dinner, we invite you on a bowling game! Who is the best player and who can make more strokes? Don't forget it isn’t about competition, but having a great time bowling together.

More details about 3rd day:

DAY 4.
15.03.2014.      ~ Exchange party ~
We have prepaired a party that (maybe) you won’t remember, but won’t forget! ;)

More details about 4th day:

DAY 5. 
16.03.2014.      ~ Movie night ~
For the last day, we have organized a movie night at café - bookstore “Jellyfish”. Join us & spend relaxing Sunday evening. :)

More details about 5th day:

12/03/2014 to 16/03/2014
  • Everyone is invited.