How Serbs party?

It’s said that Belgrade is the Balkans party capital. A city that never sleeps is the place where the best nightlife in Europe is happening. There are three different ways of parting in Serbia: splavovi, indoor clubs and kafana.



Splavovi (rafts on water) are trademarks of Belgrade and one of the main reasons why Belgrade is seen as the center of entertainment in the Balkans. The most popular rafts are located on the riverbank of the river Sava, on the Novi Beograd side between the old tram bridge and the bridge Gazela. They are open from June till the beginning of October.

In Belgrade you can find two types of splavovi:

  1. Splavovi like Freestyler, Sound, Blaywatch, Lasta. For them you need a reservation to get in and also have to spend a certain amount of money if you want a table or separe.
  2. Splavovi like Povetarac, Ringišpil. For most of them you don't need a reservation or to spend a certain amount of money for the table.


Povetarac  is a place where you can also, besides mainstream music, enjoy in soul, funk, R’n’B, jazz, rap and rock. The atmosphere is really welcoming and people are friendly. Prices are cheap and almost everybody drinks beer and rakia.

Freestyler is known for its House, Disco, Hip-hop, R'n'B parties and all guests will definitely have loads of fun. There are also often a lot of foreigners here. Expencive drink prices.

Lasta promotes mainly electronic dance music, with emphasis on deep house and disco sounds. Great place to spend your Saturday night’s with close friends in Belgrade. Expencive drink prices.

Sound is a famous place to party in Belgrade. Music is non-commercial house and dance. Acceptable drink prices.

Blaywatch is one of the most popular places for both day and night life. It has become an interesting place to have fun with friends. Acceptable drink prices.

Ringišpil is a place where you can often see celebrities from the world of sport, film, music, managers and owners of large companies. Expencive drink prices.



- open from October till Jun-

Belgrade is definitely No.1 when it comes to clubbing. Indoor clubs in Belgrade are well known about their very good atmosphere, beautiful girls and large selection of different musical genres. The only unfavorable thing about indoor clubs is pretty much expensive menu for Serbian standarts, so we have a custom drink at home or in kafana before going out.

Reservation is necessary. It is very important to get into the club no later than half past midnight, because otherwise the club has the right to give your reservation someone else. Indoor clubs in Belgrade are offering many different musical genres from house and RnB music to turbo-folk singers. You can reserve your place online:

Some of the most popular indoor clubs:

Teatro (turbo-folk singers) -

Stefan Braun (house and R’n’B) -

The Tube (funky and disco house) -

Hill (turbo-folk singers) -

Cinema (pop/rock bands) -

Parlament (hip-hop, R’n’B, house) -

Plastic (DJ’s, house, R’n’B) -

Vanila (club bands and turbo-folk singers) -



Out of all places you should go out to, there’s one place you have to visit before you leave Belgrade. Once you get into kafana, you will be able to understand the spirit of people who live in our country. Kafana is authentic Serbian bistro, where you can relax with a drink and traditional Serbian music. Today, they are everywhere around the city and for most of them you need a reservation. They are open throughout the whole year.

One of the most famous streets in Belgrade, Skadarska, is probably one of the best places where you can feel old bohemian spirit of the city, where once upon a time, poets used to spend their time, wining and dining while listening to the sounds of most beautiful traditional songs.

Some of the best kafanas in Belgrade are:


Druga kuća:

Ona moja:


Čuburska lipa:Čuburska-lipa/132211903541391?fref=ts

And if you want to go to Skadarlija:

Tri šešira:šešira/151179561617757?fref=ts

Dva jelena:



Whatever you prefer you can find perfect place to go out and reserve your entrance on this website: