It's SocialErasmus time!

In a nutshell SocialErasmus is an Erasmus Student Network (ESN) international project which aims to involve young citizens into volunteering activities during their mobility experience, that make a social change in the society.

Join your forces with our ESNers and #LeaveYourMark at #SEW2016!

06/11 (Sunday) - Even though the event officially starts on Monday, we will have a small warm up by giving our contribution to Doniraj obrok, budi drug! (Donate food, be a human!). The idea is to make donations for a pet shelter. How can we help? By donating some of the items they desperately need right now: Pet food (the most needed), Cat litter, Dog leash, Anti-parasitic pills, Old newspapers...
Meeting place: In front of the National Assembly (Serbia) at 14.00h

08/11 (Tuesday) - On this occassion we go to Svratiste za decu, Beograd. This institution is a place where poor and homeless children gather in order to get some food, to satisfy basic hygienic needs, to get help in terms of education and administration. We are going to visit them and spend some time playing and entertaining the children so that we could make them smile and do a small positive change in their lives. Remember - our small contribution is a great help for someone in need!
Meeting place: Republic Square, at the Horse statue at 14.00h

09/11 (Wednesday) - We are going to Nurdor Srbija. NURDOR stands for National Assotiation of Parents of the Children with Cancer. We are going to help them by packing the children books in their office so that they could be distributed to the children later.
Meeting place: Republic Square, at the Horse statue at 09.00h

11/11 (Friday) - It's time to relax and show some knowledge at the pub quiz! Besides having fun and making friends, we will use this opportunity to gather all the bottle caps that we collected for the Čep za hendikep (Bottle caps for disability).
Meeting place: Baranoya Caffe Bar from 21h.

14/11 (Monday) - We will donate for KUKE Dobrote (The hooks of benevolence). The goal is to donate some clothes and/or food for homeless people. There are hooks on several locations in the city where people can hang stuff they do not need and they are intended for poor people in need.
Meeting place: Meeting place: Republic Square, at the Horse statue at 15.00h

07/11/2016 to 13/11/2016