It's a new semester and time for a new Welcome week! As always, we are very excited to present you our agenda and to invite you to participate in events :)


29th of February - at 10 a.m. at the University of Belgrade all of you will be welcomed by officials of the University in the WELCOME SPEECH. The same day, at the evening we are organizing MEETING POINT at Аутсајдер

1st of March - CITY TOUR where your guides will be exchange students that are in Belgrade for a while

2nd of March - we are sure you won't miss our TAVERN DAY when we are going to Kafana Limun žut

3rd of March - it's the MUSEUM DAY and for you we have prepared a visit to Princess Ljubica's Residence

4th of March - again a PARTY DAY at Ben Akiba-comedy club&bar

5th of March - is a day when you will be able to show us your cooking skills and eat some amazing meals made by other students at INTERNATIONA DINNER we are organizing with Kontext

In short that's it, but additional information will be added few days before each event. It doesn't matter if you have just arrived to Belgrade or if you are here for months, you are invited to join us :)